1-on-1 Training

Many of us have received training to develop key technical skills. Meanwhile, so-called "soft skills" are assumed to be innate--you either have them or you don't. As a result, many schools and employers don't provide soft-skill training especially when it comes to leadership.

Oddly enough, these "soft skills" are the very skills that studies show to be the key ingredient to successful leadership. But unlike technical skills, leadership and emotional intelligence cannot be taught on a didactic basis. It can only be taught through experiential learning.  As a result, EXLI's 1-on-1 Training engages individuals in an experiential learning process that helps them to improve their emotional intelligence making them more efficient and effective contributor to organizational goals.  Additionally, EXLI's 1-on-1 Training goes beyond developing simple "management" skills, it helps individuals develop the leadership skills necessary to overcome previous obstacles to performance.  Finally, our 1-on-1 Training can help individuals more effectively manage important life transitions such as a new job, career change, on the job performance problems, family transitions, divorce, or relocation.

Specifically, our 1-on-1 Training program provides:

Program Highlights

  • Participant takes the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-I 2.0®) self-assessment 
  • Debrief with EXLI coach to accurately interpret EQ-I 2.0® results
  • Define specific behavior/habit change goals
  • Participant receives ongoing coaching from EXLI to implement behavior change into daily activities

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Greater self-awareness of which behaviors to change and why
  • Deeper understanding of how these specific habitual behaviors are impacting performance
  • Clear road-map for addressing challenging behaviors
  • Sustained support to help integrate learning into practical


Oli is a very caring and empathetic listener whose warmth and compassion put me immediately at ease when working with him. With a keen sense of responsibility and dedication to helping his clients, he shows ways for others to transform their lives using his witty and brilliant talent. He is sensitive, respected and admired by those who were fortunate enough to be counseled by him. I feel very grateful to have been able to be counseled by him and recommend him unhesitatingly.
— Catherine Gautier (Prof. Geography, UC Santa Barbara)
Oli has worked in a very intensive coaching series with me and I was (and still am) deeply impressed by this experience. His empathetic nature make it easy to open, and I felt well taken care of me at all times and protected. His specific questions have made in a very short time exactly to the respective point and led me to change my perspective and to consider the problem from a completely different angle. As a result, I had many “aha moments” and turn the questioning technique still (months after the coaching) in my daily life to. Thanks Oli for these people to help themselves.
— Stephannie Stewart (Movenyo Dance Studio Owner, Germany)