The following are tools and exercises we have created to help you deepen your understanding of important leadership skills. 

This tool will help you clarify and prioritize your values.  Successful leaders are not only aware of their values but are consistently able to act in alignment with them.  This tool will help you articulate what your values are thereby enabling you to explore the degree to which your daily actions are reflections of your deepest values.   

Successful leaders have good habits.  This tool will help you deepen your understanding of your mindset (attitudes, thoughts and beliefs) that motivate your habitual behaviors and help you practice better, more useful habits.  As you gain insight into your habits you will take the first step towards being able to shift and change them.   

Our brains have a strong "negativity bias" which predisposes us to overemphasizing negative experiences.  This tool will help you create a "Gratitude Practice" and will help you cultivate a mindset of positivity and optimism to counteract our brain's natural negative tendencies.