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Please take a moment to describe a recent stressful experience.  Fill out the information without censoring yourself; write as freely as possible (strong language and/or profanity is okay if that's what you're feeling)!  Try to keep your descriptions to one specific person and event/situation if possible.

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(Example: I was eating breakfast with Jim when he began to complain about the neighbors again. He always brings up the same issue even though I have told him I don't want to hear about it...)
(Example: I am irritated with Jim because he doesn't listen to me.)
(Example: Jim is arrogant, self-centered, disrespectful and annoying.)
(Example: Jim should take a deep breath and pay more attention to his surroundings. He should calm down.)
(Example: I want Jim to see that he's complaining a lot. I want him to ask me about my opinion. He should be more clued in to what's going on for others around him.)