We work with values-based teams to develop core competencies that have a significant positive impact on the organizations. Some of the skills we develop are:

  • Effective Communication: speaking with clarity and intention, mindful listening, effective expression, managing triggers

  • Difficult Conversations: delivering difficult news, naming the elephant in the room

  • Problem-solving: considering all aspects of the situation, working the problem not the people

  • Decision-making:  by including all perspectives

  • Meeting Effectiveness: setting clear intentions, interrupting unproductive and repetitive conversations, eliminating time wasters

  • Effective Delegation: aligning task with people, how to prevent reverse delegation

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback: loop that works both ways not just a top down feedback system

  • Conflict Management: Prevention, Resolution, Integration

  • Motivation & Engagement: Increase Employee engagement - valuing each person’s contribution

  • Skills Alignments: Aligning skills and capacity with responsibility.

Testimonials from some of our clients...


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"Working with you was a treasure.  You created a comfort zone for our group's participants, students & faculty alike, for thoughtful, reflective, non-judgmental self exploration of our emotional intelligence qualities and balance.  Your openness and clarity in framing questions provided us with a remarkably moving experience  -- delving into what are those personal elements that allows each of us to sustain empathy and gratefulness.  Your workshop leadership allowed supportive and interactive sharing in dyads to the whole group.  You guys have a gift."

~ Ann Stevens, MD (Clinical Professor and Director, Joint Medical Program, UCSF)

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"Working with EXLI was enlightening, educational and fun! Social and emotional intelligence are critical to the professional development of physicians and it was exciting to think about how to teach these skills to our students."

~ Elisabeth Wilson, MD, MPH (Program Director, UCSF PRIME-US)

"This past year UCSF’s Program in Medical Education for the Urban Underserved (PRIME-US) had the pleasure of working with Oli Mittermaier and Teo Nissen from EXLI. Our collaboration focused on introducing the concept of Emotional Intelligence to our learners and identifying ways they can incorporate that into their professional development. They are a very creative and energetic team. They worked with us to develop a robust training for the students, faculty and staff which proved to be thought provoking and valuable for us all!"

~ Aisha Queen-Johnson, MSW (Program Manager, UCSF PRIME-US)


"The practice of the art of healing is based on compassion and empathy, as well as modern science. The language of compassion (Non-violent communication) offers a manner by which one can impart that desired compassion that leads to deeper healing; beyond curing a disease.  Raj Gill is a professional trainer of trainers  of Marshal Rosenberg’s process of the language of compassion. Raj practices what she teaches. She is the perfect person for helping one develop the skill of imparting true compassion. She has taught and coached Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston, and Associates for the last six years. Being mentored by Raj has brought me to a great appreciation of my personal and congregational spirituality and how I can relate that to professional and personal relationships. I definitely recommend the language of compassion and Raj as best person to develop one’s best self."

~ Deenan Hubbard  (Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston, Texas) 


"I have learned that in almost all cases, conflicts can be resolved by deploying skillful communication techniques such as the ones I have learned in these workshops.  Nonviolent Communication is such an effective, efficient and economic communication tool. It put me on solid ground for people communication not just in everyday use but also more in endless encounters with various types of "difficult" conversations in everyday clinical medicine.

It is "economic" because the time saved in clinical practice is sizable by following the steps outlined in NVC.

It is "efficient" because there is no redundancy as long as we follow the framework of compassionate and empathetic communication.

Finally it is "effective" because in almost all situations, satisfactory outcome with patients are achieved by removing the barrier of "unskillful" communication habits.

This eventually leads to a satisfying, enduring and rewarding medical practice and there are more grateful and thankful patients. It is also empowering because of the belief that I now possess the ability to deal with the most unusual people and circumstances that a practitioner may come across in a lifetime of medicine."

~ Peter Chung, MD (Vancouver, Canada) 



"Oli is a very caring and empathetic listener whose warmth and compassion put me immediately at ease when working with him. With a keen sense of responsibility and dedication to helping his clients, he shows ways for others to transform their lives using his witty and brilliant talent. He is sensitive, respected and admired by those who were fortunate enough to be counseled by him. I feel very grateful to have been able to be counseled by him and recommend him unhesitatingly."  

~ Catherine Gautier (Prof. Geography, UC Santa Barbara)



"Raj uses a variety of techniques—video clips, small group work, partner work—to encourage participants to engage with the skills being presented.  She is attentive to the particular needs and interests of each group of students while ensuring that the specific skill set outlined in the course description is communicated.  Her classroom style models NVC practice beautifully and presents a clear example of how NVC can be applied in practical situations.  My experience in Raj’s NVC courses has greatly impacted my life.  I am a keen student of NVC thanks to her example!  Having Raj as a facilitator changed my life for the better."

~ Lealle Ruhl, PhD  (Langara College, Department of Political Science and the Peace and Conflict Studies Programme)

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"Raj Gill is an excellent facilitator and I have been in awe of how effortlessly she is able to deliver these workshops, to at times some negative staff members. Raj always comes to the workshop early and is always organized and prepared.   Her communication with myself both before and after the workshops has been excellent.  Before the workshop we talk about the group we are going to work with on that day and discuss and challenges, concerns or changes that may be needed.  After the workshop we discuss how the workshop went, the feedback we received and assess the overall comments from the participants.   We learn from the feedback and Raj is open to changes needed.  To date all of the feedback from the participants has been positive towards both Raj and the workshop."

~ Lori McLennan (Regional Manager EAP/CISM, Correctional Service of Canada)



"Raj Gill is an inspiring and warm facilitator. She combines these qualities with excellent organisational skills and clear thinking. She is a highly skilled presenter and approaches her topic in a gentle and measured way. She invites the participants to open up to her message.  The impact of this 9-day training will be felt throughout Kenya."

~ Roslyn Moran (Board Member of Peace Ambassadors Kenya)


"I’ve known Raj since 2010 when she co-led an NVC International Intensive Training with Marshall Rosenberg. With years of practicing and teaching experience, she conveys a unique quality of gentleness and strength - a person of great compassion unafraid of speaking her truth. Her facility in languages and culture also add an expansive and creative dimension to her teaching. It has brought her to academic settings, prisons, hospitals, non-profits and communities of religious women throughout the world. Raj is particularly gifted in applying NVC to complex organizational systems and finding pathways to new solutions. She is in the top tier of NVC trainers practicing today."

~ Michael Lynch (Jesuit Priest, Hong Kong)


"Here are a few examples of many, many tributes to you in participant evaluation forms:

  • In Raj's Compassionate Communication workshop, I learned so much here about using language in a more caring and responsible way.
  • I really enjoyed the session with Raj which I found it very practical and informative.
  • I really appreciated Raj's skills, gifts, energy and encouragement. 
  • I appreciated the space given to be a compassionate listener. We could practice, practice, practice with compassion, compassion, compassion.
  • Raj's two hour workshop changed my life.
  • Raj taught me so much about conflict resolution.
  • Raj's fluidity and flexibility in the communication models she is using resulted in a learning experience that was applicable to my professional development and to my personal life.
  • The learning from Raj has been tremendous. I have learned to be more aware but at the same time not afraid to speak my mind and ask questions. I have learned that I need to educate myself more on the diverse aspects of our world and not be content with accepting things as they are. I can change the world by thinking globally and acting locally.

~ Linda D. Hill, PhD (Co-founder of Inclusive Leadership, Canada)


"What Raj showed me during this training was a presence with life, an awareness of how our relationships unfolded and how we learned, reacted and felt, how we lived together. I especially remember one moment when Raj picked up a word exchange between people in the big group and with so much care and tenderness made us see the needs we had, slowed our exchange down, made us see what was happening, not as a scary conflict but as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of one another and life together. Raj modelled for me how I want to live in the moment and be sublimely aware of nuances and moods, as a precious gift. Furthermore there is an inspiring facilitation which I like to remember and that is around change and making a contribution to the world. I learned from Raj to trust in a direct way that each and every one of us has this desire to contribute and that such work is possible and even successful with any group. When I approached Raj about my own journey I felt safe and received the support I needed to identify my dreams. Raj created exercises and gave feed-back in specific observation language and this encouraged me to start learning to become a trainer and a facilitator and a coach myself. I am deeply grateful for what I receive from Raj's contribution to my life."

~ Annika Schabbauer (Organizational Development Trainer, South Africa)


"With Raj as my coach, I have been able to identify and work towards my personal and professional goals. She provided the structure and support I needed—I was given specific exercises and practical tools to achieve and maintain my objectives. I also found that who I am as a person has changed: how I react to situations, handle stress, connect to other people, and most importantly how I connect to myself. I am able to give myself more choice (instead of feeling obligated), live with more intention, and be more focused. Raj is truly amazing; she brings a sense of ease and presence that is inspiring and encourages trust, growth, and fun. I am grateful for her caring and compassion."

~ Lyndsay Sayers (Massage Therapist, Canada)



"Oli has worked in a very intensive coaching series with me and I am deeply impressed by this experience. His empathetic nature make it easy to open, and I felt well taken care of me at all times and protected. His specific questions have made in a very short time exactly to the respective point and led me to change my perspective and to consider the problem from a completely different angle. As a result, I had many “aha moments” and turn the questioning technique still (months after the coaching) in my daily life to."

~ Stephannie Stewart (Movenyo Dance Studio Owner, Germany)