Leadership Program Development

In our experience what makes or breaks an organization's success is the leadership of the people within. It's rare that failure is the direct result of deficiencies in technical or other "hard" competencies. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t support the development of vital leadership skills necessary for the success of individuals, teams or the organization as a whole.

EXLI's Leadership Development Program is designed to create, implement and run a program that provides the appropriate leadership training at all levels within your organization.

Program Highlights:

  • Assess efficacy of existing leadership opportunities within your organization 
  • Teach vital leadership competencies such as team contracting, goal-setting, decision-making, effective communication, conflict management and resolution, etc. 
  • Implement leadership skills via hands-on, “live fire” projects 
  • Create mentoring programs through which program graduates will mentor and support subsequent trainees, thereby institutionalizing a “culture of leadership”

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • A leadership program that is hard wired into your organization and accessible to individuals at all levels
  • A leadership program integrated into your existing organizational structure and consistent with your ongoing leadership initiatives 
  • Personalized learning agenda for each trainee 
  • Peer-driven leadership mentoring program 
  • Transparent “culture of leadership”


This past year UCSF’s Program in Medical Education for the Urban Underserved (PRIME-US) had the pleasure of working with Oli Mittermaier and Teo Nissan from EXLI. Our collaboration focused on introducing the concept of Emotional Intelligence to our learners and identifying ways they can incorporate that into their professional development. They are a very creative and energetic team. They worked with us to develop a robust training for the students, faculty and staff which proved to be thought provoking and valuable for us all!
— Aisha Queen-Johnson, MSW (Program Manager, UCSF PRIME-US)