Effective leaders not only know what they're about, but are also skilled at integrating this knowledge into their attitudes, choices and behaviors consistently.  Unless we are able to translate our new-found self-awareness and mindfulness into our moment-by-moment behaviors, we're still missing our leadership mark.  Leadership is ultimately about actions.  The good news is that all humans, no matter their age and background, are able to get better at skills they choose to mindfully practice.  Our brains are incredibly efficient at adapting to new situations, and with repetition temporary mental states quickly become permanent neural traits.  Self-directed neuroplasticity refers to the fact that if we consciously choose our mental states, we can influence and cultivate new positive neural traits (habits).

the ability to do something well; expertise
— Oxford Dictionary

This page outlines key leadership skills and provides access to information about practical and actionable approaches to practice and integrate them into your personal and professional life.