Team Development

Working with others in a group/team is a given in every organization. Most teams that struggle do so because team members lack specific self and group leadership skills. Even high-functioning teams are often unaware of the reason for their success and are therefore limited in their ability to replicate successes in subsequent situations.

Program Highlights

  • Clarify goals and purpose of the team 
  • Define and articulate resources and skills needed for the team’s success 
  • Implement team contracting processes 
  • Develop key briefing/debriefing, communication, feedback and conflict resolution skills 
  • Ongoing support through completion of team project

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Sustained improvement in team performance 
  • Greater emotional resonance and trust between team members 
  • Improvement in team’s ability to process and resolve disagreements and conflicts 
  • Awareness of factors that contributed to the team’s success and understanding of how to replicate that success

More than ever, clinicians are working in teams and taking on leadership roles in our changing health care environment. Emotional/Social Intelligence thus takes on greater importance in making an effective clinician leader. Our pilot with medical students showed that EXLI represents a promising approach in advancing our students’ competencies in emotional and social intelligence.
— Ben Lui, MD (Associate Medical Director at Chinatown Public Health Center)