Do you have a training program, workshop or curriculum that you'd like to turn into an app? 

Our unique technology platform is designed to help you extend the reach and impact of your training programs by making your curriculum and content available to trainees via a mobile, private-labeled app.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Deepen your student & client relationships
  • Extend the reach & integration of your training

Ideal for these training programs:

  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Executive Coaching

Successful leaders are not only aware of their values but are consistently able to act in alignment with them.  We can help you create tools to identify what your values are thereby enabling you to explore how your daily actions are reflections of your deepest values.   

Successful leaders have good habits. We can help you deepen your understanding of your mindset (attitudes, thoughts and beliefs) that motivate your habitual behaviors and help you cultivate useful, positive habits.  As you gain insight into your habits you will move towards being able to shift and change them.    

Our brains have a strong "negativity bias" which predisposes us to overemphasizing negative experiences.  We can help you create a gratitude practice through which you will cultivate a mindset of positivity and optimism.  Counteract your brain's negativity bias by cultivating gratitude!